Hisense American Fridge Freezers

Hisense American Fridge Freezers

Ice & Water Dispenser

Hisense’s stylish plumbed ice and water dispenser offers the everyday convenience of a constant supply of chilled water and your choice of crushed or cubed ice, with no refilling required.

NANO Fresh

NANO freshness guarantees fresher food for longer.
Nano-technology particles absorb gases to slow down the ripening of fruit and vegetables, while also working hard to remove potentially harmful bacteria.

Inverter Technology

Fridges with inverter technology can help you save energy, in turn saving you money. This is because traditional compressors run at peak capacity 100% of the time – which is only needed in summer or when the fridge door is open. Inverter technology measures the conditions inside your fridge and manages the output accordingly. As well as saving energy, this new technology is quieter, ensures a more stable temperature is maintained within the fridge and extends the life of your appliance.

LED Display

An easy to reach touch control panel with a host of features makes controlling your Hisense product easier than ever. The panel lets you quickly select the correct temperature for the fridge and freezer compartments separately using a smooth operating interface with an LED display.

Multi Air Flow

The “Multi Airflow System” provides steady and even cold air distribution throughout the fridge and freezer compartments so that food quickly reaches the ideal storage temperature.

Super Cool Function

The Super Cool function ensures quick and stable cooling of food added to the fridge. This should help your food look good, taste great and stay nutritious for longer.

Super Freeze Function

The Super Freeze function ensures quick and stable freezing of items added to the freezer. This means your food will look good, taste great and stay nutritious for longer.

Holiday Mode

Choosing to use this special feature allows you to empty the fridge when you’re away for a longer period of time. The internal temperature of the fridge is automatically switched to 15°C whilst keeping the freezer working. No more nasty odours or the formation of mould, your fridge and its contents remain fresh saving you both energy and money.

LED Lighting

LED lighting has been integrated seamlessly into the fridge to provide bright conditions so you can clearly see everything inside.